You at your Best...

You are full of energy and feel vibrant and healthy. Your weight is comfortable, your muscles are firm and you can wear any clothes you want. Everywhere you go people compliment you on your appearance and tell you that you look fantastic. More importantly you feel fantastic!

You have no aches and pains and you feel confident, alert and in control of your life. No physical endeavor feels like it's beyond you.  You are the very picture of health and well-being.

But that isn't your reality, is it?

For most the above is far removed from reality with many battling being overweight with chronic fatigue and chronic joint or muscle pain.   As a result most are living their lives in a constant state of unhappiness and struggle, feeling like nothing works and things won't get better.  Putting up with hurting bodies that refuse to comply with their dreams and desires.  Lives put on hold.  


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Why did I start The Body Loft?

I know personally what it is like to look in the mirror and HATE what you see.  Growing up, in my mirror all I saw was failure.  I was deeply frustrated, angry and unhappy.  I didn't have low self-esteem, I had NO self-esteem.  Every day at school I would be beaten up and felt there was no where safe for me.  And gym class?  I would do everything I could to avoid it.  I WAS literally the last kid picked for anything.  Laughed at and scorned.  I just wanted the pain to stop and frequently thought of taking my own life.   But once a year for two weeks the gym teachers would let the small kids in class use the weight room.  And those two weeks literally changed the course of my life.   The activity of working out may not have changed my body much at the time (I still weighed only 119 when I graduated) but it started building my self-esteem and more importantly, hope.  I fell in love with working out.  Not only in seeing improvement in how I looked, but how I felt about myself.  Moving away after graduation I made a personal promise that one day I would create a place where people could work on their bodies, whether to loose or gain weight.  To look better AND to feel better about themselves.  A place that was without judgement and emotionally safe.  

And it's why I created Bully Busters

I deeply believe that business has the responsibility to be an instrument of positive change in people's lives.  Bully Busters is that path here at The Body Loft.  Coming from a personal experience of being bullied and In a world where bullying has reached new heights, physically, emotionally and now even on-line, the increasing evidence of youth suicide tells the tale of lives lost;  hope and dreams extinguished.

Both I and my team have made the commitment that for every person who signs up for personal training, it allows a bullied youth to be sponsored, training here for free.  One for one.  In classes or open gym hours designed to allow bullied youth to build and improve their bodies, their self-confidence, self-esteem... their hope.  And we ask you, the parents, teachers and caring friends to help us reach those being bullied.  To begin the process of changing your life AND the life of a bullied youth, please

call us at: (562) 726-1790   or email